Altogether 6 IQAC meetings were held during the session of 2019-20. Some important matters relating to Infrastructure development, Quality improvement, Extension activities, Gender, Teaching- learning, Importance of value education were discussed and some decisions were taken and implemented


  1. i) Decided to organisecertificate courses.
  2. ii) SBDC Lecture Series to be started very soon.

iii) Decided to discuss with any organisation for donation of wheel chair and sanitary vending machine.

  1. iv) Reconstitution of the IQAC.


Action taken-

  1. i) A Certificate Course on Basic Beauty Care was organised in collaboration with Imagik Beauty Parlour from 30/10/2019 to 09/11/2019. Another Certificate Course on Taekwondo, for selfdefence of girlstudents’ was organised from 11/10/2019 to 25/10/2019.
  2. ii) Thirty Hours Value-added Coursewas organised in collaboration with Vivekananda Kendra, Guwahati.

iii)As a part of SBDC Lecture Series Dr NabanitaBhuyan delivered a lecture on “Working of Parliamentary Democracy in India” on 09/11/2019

  1. iv) A wheel chair was donated to college by Apollo Hospital LTD.
  2. v) A sanitary vending machine was donated by Guwahati Refinery.
  3. vi) The IQAC was reconstituted with the previous members.


  1. i) Alumni fund will be raised
  2. ii) Talk on environmental issues will be organised.

iii) The Criteria Committees, AQAR filled up for 2018-19 will submit their report within October 2019.

  1. iv) It was decided to organise faculty improvement programmes.


Action taken-

i)Two Faculty improvement programmes were organised, (a) on 14/11/2019 a talk was delivered on “Management of Adolescence Psychological Problem byDr Mythili Hazarika, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (b)Dr Dhrubajit Das, Librarian, S B Deorah College delivered a talk on “Online –E-Resources” on 31/05/2020 on Zoom platform.

  1. ii) Two talks on environmental issues were conducted, (a) “Solid waste and Plastic Management with special reference with Air pollution” delivered by Dr.K.G.Bhattcharjee, Rtd.Prof. Gauhati University, held on 11/11/2019 (b) A talk on “Time for Nature” by DrParthaPratimBarua, Prof. Gauhati University was organised on 05/06/2020 on Zoom platform in connection with World Environmental Day.

iii)Criteria committees submitted their reports, so AQAR, 2018-19 submitted on due time.

  1. iv) An Alumni fund of Rs. 15,000 was raised from the collection of the Alumni.


         Although it was decided to organise more programmes on environmental issues, but due to Covid -19 situation that could not be undertake.


i)Discussed the points of 7 criteria, AQAR, 2018-19 filled up by the respective committees.

ii)Decided to organise a Swach Bharat Program by Extension Education Cell.

iii) A Health Awareness Program will be organised in adopted village.


Action taken-

i)Some points of criteria were discussed and modified.

ii)Extension Education Cell organised a Swach Bharat Program  at Railway Colony, Panbazar, in collaboration with Sri SriDakhineswarKalimandir Committee.

iii)A Health Awareness Program on Breast Cancer was organised in association with Rodali, a center for cancer awareness and councelling, at Namgaon, adopted village of the college.

Resolutions and action taken

The meeting was convened to discuss various points of AQAR, 2018-19 filled up by the criteria committees. All the points were discussed, some points were revised and modified and after that finalised for submission.


  1. i) An ethnic cultural procession will be organised during college week, 2019 -20
  2. ii) Decided to organise a National workshop on Intellectual Property rights

iii)Science Day will be organised ofthe initiative of Science Stream departments.


Action taken-

i)An ethnic cultural procession was organised during college week, 2019-20 where all the Departments participated.

ii)The workshop on Intellectual Property Rights was decided to organise on 23/03/2020, but could not be organised due to Covid-19 situation.

iii) Science Day was organised on 28/02/2020 on the initiative of Science Stream departments.

Resolutions and Action taken-

       The meeting was held only to discuss about the preparations and formation of different committees for the smooth conduct of the workshop on Intellectual Property Rights to be held on 23/03/2020. As already mentioned, the workshop was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.