Department of Zoology


The department was established in the year 2018 as a self-financing programme with Dr. Rahul Sarma as its founder faculty member. Ms. Sangeeta Choudhury and Ms. Deepsikha Moran joined the Department as Assistant Professor (Contractual) in the year 2019. The Department offers both Honours and Regular courses to students of the College.

            The Department was provincialised in the year 2020, creating three sanctioned post of Assistant Professors. Dr. Sudem Basumatary, Ms. Priyambada Chutia and Ms. Puja Bishaya were, accordingly inducted as Assistant Professors in the department against the created posts.  The department is also equipped with two modern laboratories to provide practical training to the students.


  • Campus Bird Count programme on 13th February 2021.
  • Field trip to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary on 6th February 2021.
  • Field trip to Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park on 18th October 2019

Faculty Profile

M.Sc.(Gauhati University) ; PhD (Gauhati University)

Assistant Professor


E-mail- [email protected]


Specialization: Fish Biology & Fishery Science

Research Interest: Fish Taxonomy; Fish Biology & Aquaculture

Publications –

  1. Basumatary, S., Choudhury, H., Baishya, R. A., Sarma, D. & Vishwanath, W. (2016). Badis pancharatnaensis, a new percoid fish species from Brahmaputra River drainage, Assam, India (Teleostei: Badidae). Vertebrate Zoology. 66 (2): 151‒ (IF: 1.059).
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Publication of Book



Publication of Chapter in Edited Books

  1. Sarma, D., Talukdar, B., Basumatary, S., Baishya, R. A., Kalita, H. K, Das, J., Pandey, J., Mallik, S., Shahi, N., Sarma, D. & Dutta, A. (2014) Impact of open cast coal mining on aquatic biota of Simsang River, Garohills, Meghalaya. In M. S. Sheikh (Eds). Biodiversity Threats and Conservation. Vol-II. Publishers: Global publishing House India (ISBN: 978-93-81563-48-9).
  2. Basumatay, S. (2018) Indigenous larvivorous fish species from lower reaches of the River Brahmaputra, Assam, Northeast India. Vol-I. Publishers: ABT Publication, Panbazar, Guwahati, Assam (ISBN: 978-81-938255-2-5).
  3. Basumatary, S. and Sarma, D. (2019). Studies on Fecundity of an Indian River Shad (Gudusia chapra, Hamilton), in relation to Total length, Body weight, Ovary length and Ovary weight from the lower reaches of river Brahmaputra, Assam, Northeast India. In C. Basumata & D. Tamuly (Eds). “Role of Biodiversity in promotion of Adventure tourism and Entrepreneurship”. (ISBN: 978-93-85310-48-5).
  4. Basumata, C. and Basumatary, S. (2020). A preliminary study on Butterfly diversity of Rabindranath Tagore University Campus, Hojai, Assam. In R. Ahmed & A. N. Das (Eds). “Environmental Issues and Policies in India”. Vol-I. Publishers: Purbayon Publication, India (ISBN: 978-93-89940-56-5).

M.Sc. (Gauhati University)

SET (2017) & NET-LS (2020)

Assistant Professor


E-mail – [email protected]


Specialization: Cell and Molecular Biology

Research Interest:  Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, Environmental toxicology


Publications –

  1. 1. Manas Das, Anuradha Kalita, Pritimoni Das, Priyambada Chutia, Krishna Das, “Toxic effects of the herbicide paraquat Dichloride on the freshwater mud eel Monopterus cuchia”. Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-613-9-94456-9.
  2. Dr. Manas Das, Priyambada Chutia, Pritimoni Das, Anuradha Kalita, “Hazardous effects of ionizing Radiation (X-ray) and commonly used pesticides on Animal Model systems”. HD International Educational Publishers, ISBN: 978-93-88475-14-3.
  3. Aquaporins: Structure and Physiology in Fish Priyambada Chutia and Manas Das. Journal of Bioresources 5(1): 1-17(2018) ISSN 2394-4315.
  4. Effects of altered pH on Antioxidant defence system of Monopterus cuchia (Hamilton, 1822) in Ex-situ Modulated Environmental pH condition. Amilee Konwar, Manas Das, Debjani Dey, Priyambada Chutia. Journal of Bioresources 5(1): 56-64(2018) ISSN 2394-4315.
  5. Toxicological effect of the herbicide Paraquat Dichloride on the air breathing Singhi catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch). Pritimoni Das, Manas Das, Anuradha Kalita, Priyambada Chutia. Proceedings of the Zoological Society, Springer. ISSN: 0373-5893. Ref : MS. No. PZOS-D-18-00042R5


  1. Effect of altered pH on the transcription of Aquaporins in stinging CatfishHeteropneustes fossilis. Priyambada Chutia, Manas Das, Daisy Brahma. Journal of Bioresources, ISSN 2394-4315.

M.Sc.(Cotton University)

NET-LS June, 2017; NET-JRF,December, 2017 ; SET-2018

Assistant Professor


E-mail – [email protected]


Specialization: Animal Ecology and Wildlife Biology

Research Interest: Animal Ecology and Wildlife Sciences

Research publications