Department of Political Science


Political Science Department of S. B. Deorah College was started from 1984 with two of its founder teachers, Late Pratul Nayak and Dr. Sewali Mahanta. Pratul Nayak, who was a regular teacher of B. Barooah College, provided honorary service to this Department. Later on Dr. Nabanita Bhuyan joined the Department on 1989, Dr. Lily Goswami in 1993 and Dr. Tripti Rekha Baruah. At present, the Department is taken care of by four teachers Dr. Nabanita Bhuyan, Dr. Tripti Rekha Baruah, Dr. J. Buragohain and Ms. Chinmoyee Das.

The best graduate of the College for the last seven years has been from the Political Science (2013-2020) Department. The faculty members look after the all-around development of the students. Most of the alumni of this Department are successful in their life by choosing various professions. Some are eminent advocates of the Guwahati High Court, some are successful civil servants, some are Bank POs, and some others are engaged in the teaching profession. Cordial and friendly relations among the students are the key to the success of the Department. Alumni of the Department also help and assist the Department wholeheartedly whenever assistance is sought.  

Faculty Profile

MA (Gauhati University), Ph.D (Gauhati University)

Associate Professor

Email – [email protected]

Specialization – Public Administration, Political Theory

Research Interest- Caste System


M.A. (Gauhati University), Ph.D (Gauhati University)

Assistant Professor


Email –[email protected]

Specialization- Public Administration

Research Interest- Woman Studies, Assamese Culture and Society

Publications –

M.A. (JNU), M.Phil (JNU), Ph.D (JNU)

Assistant Professor


Email- [email protected]

Specialisation- International Relations, Latin American Studies

Research Interest- Sociological Theories, Argentine Politics, US Politics, Political Processes in India, Western Political Thought, Indian Political Thought, Gandhian Politics.


M.A. (Gauhati University), M.Phil (JNU)

Assistant Professor


Email – [email protected]

Specialization – International Relations, South Asia

Research Interest- Maritime Diplomacy, India’s Foreign Policy

Publications –

I.Changing Contours of India’s Ocean Strategy, 2004-2015, (2018), Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs, 10(3), 153-167, Routledge,

(DOI– )

  1. India’s Maritime Diplomacy in South-West Indian Ocean : Evaluating Strategic Partnerships, Journal of Strategic Security; 12(2), (2019); 42-59, University of South Florida Publications



III. Differential Treatment and Equality of Outcomes (Important Issue: Affirmative Action), BPSC-103, Political Theory-Concepts and Debates, 2020, Indira Gandhi Natinal Open University (IGNOU), available at

IV. Protective Discriminication Vs. Principle of Fairness, BPSC-131, Introduction to Political Theory, Block-4, Debates in Political Theory, (2020), IGNOU, available at