Department of Education


S .B. Deorah College was established in 1984. The Education Department was also started in the same year. Dr. Malaya Barman was the first Head of the Department. Initially it was started for Higher Secondary and Degree pass course. In the year 1996,  major course was introduced. At present, the Department is headed by Dr. Rumamani Deka with three faculty members and one laboratory Assistant. The teachers of the department render their valuable services towards various curricular, co-curricular and developmental activities of the college.

Activities and Involvements

One of the senior teachers of the Department Dr. Bandana Baishya has served as the Co-ordinator of the IQAC from 2012 for three years. Dr. Rumamani Deka was also a member in the same. Ms. Ajanta Saikia has completed her B.Mus. degree and she guides the students in various cultural programmes organised by the college. Dr. R. Deka, HOD, has successfully completed one minor research project in the year 2016 funded by UGC.  Sajidur Rahman has published a number Text books with and without ISBN. He has also prepared study materials for HS course under AHSEC and for UG and PG courses under GU, KKHSOU, IDOL and NEHU. He has prepared Study materials for TET and APSC also. Dr. Rumamani Deka is currently serving as the Programme Officer of NSS unit of the college. Teachers of the department offer counselling service to the students as and when required. The Department organizes Handicraft Exhibition cum Sale during the College week in every Year. The departmental Alumni Association is very active. In the year 2015, the department had organized an UGC sponsored national seminar on “Environment and Civil Society: Issues, problems and remedies”. A proceeding volume was published, which was edited by Dr. Rumamani Deka. Some of the remarkable activities organised by the department every year are teacher’s Day, Parent-Teacher Meet, Field Trip, Class-room seminar, Group Discussion. Quiz, Handicraft exhibitation, Book-fair etc. The First class holders in B.A. Final examination are encouraged by offering Certificates and a trophy. A wall magazine named “Anweshaand a news letter named”The Educare” are published by the department.

Departmental Activities in the year 2020




A talk on “Inculcation of Values Among the Youth” was organised by the department. The resource person was Dr. Sunita Agarwala, Associate Professor. Dispur College, Guwahati. It was very helpful for inculcating values among the students.


Departmental Field Trip to Manas National Park was organised for all the major students.


Cultural Rally Competition: During the college week 2019-20 a cultural rally competition was organised by the college where our department also took part and got the second prize. The theme of our department in the rally was “Spring Festivals of India


A Handicraft Exhibition cum sale was organised during the college Week. ASHADEEP:  A Mental Health Society also participated in the same. Students from all the three streams exhibited their creative skill by showcasing various handicraft items.


An online class-room seminar on “Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education in India was organised which was participated by the departmental teachers and students. The 6th semester Major Students presented seminar papers. The seminar was very lively and interactive.


A webinar on “Emotional Regulation During Covid-19” was organised by the department. A number of Students, faculties, research scholars from different part of the state participated in the same. Resource Person Dr. Rita Rani Talukdar, Associate Professor and former HOD, Department of Psychology, GU has delivered a very thought provoking speech on the topic


Departmental Library

Education Department has its own Library with a god number of Text and Reference books, which is used by both teachers and students. It has a well-equipped psychological laboratory where we can accommodate 20 students with honours in Education for conducting psychological experiments.

Faculty Profile

M.A. (Gauhati University), Ph.D (Gauhati University)

Associate Professor


E-mail – [email protected]

Specialization –  Abnormal Psychology and Laboratory Practical


Research Interest – Women Education


 Ph. D Thesis:                                                                          A Study Into the Educational

                                                                                                 Problems of the Mishing Girls in

                                                                                                 Secondary Stage of Education in

                                                                                                 Assam with Social Reference to

                                                                                                 Lakhimpur District (2007)


B: Minor Research Project:                                                    Problems and Prospects of Education

                                                                                                 Of the Garo (plain tribe) Girls at the

                                                                                               Secondary Level: A with reference to Goalpara Dist. of Assam. (2016)


C: Others

Name of the book/Journal

Year of Publication



Economic Empowerment in the North Eastern Region



NEDFi-HAAT-A Platform for Socio Economic Empowerment of Women

Importance of Women Education for the Upliftment of Rural Society



Gender and Pattern of Education in Ancient India

Summary of Doctoral Thesis (vol. V)



A Study Into The Educational Problems of the Mishing Girls in Secondary Stage of Education in Assam With Social Reference to Lakhimpur District

Manas: The Future of Humanity



Toward Reviving the Past Glory of Manas National Park

Examination Reforms in Higher Education



Examination Malpractices: An Offence Against the Value of Academic Community.

Economics of Education



Physical Education in Curriculum: An Effective Way of Promoting Human Development

M.A. (G.U.), Ph.D(G.U.)

Associate Professor


E-mail – [email protected]

Specialization –  Abnormal Psychology and  Laboratory Practical           

Research Interest – Women Education


  1. mpact of Education on the Socio-Economic Conditions among the Tribal Woman of Dimoria Development Block in Kamrup District

2.Perspective on Educational Research, Published on July (2015) , ISBN 817680032-5      

3.Shikshar Monoboigyanik Bhitti, ISBN No. 978-93-84466-40-4

M.A. (Gauhati University), B.Ed

Assistant Professor

E-mail – [email protected]

Specialization:  Educational Management & Development Psychology

Research Interest:  Adult Education



  1. Text book with ISBN:
  2. Teaching learning Pedagogy and Strategy (978-81-932776-2-1)
  3. Statistics in Education (978-81-932776-4-5)


  1. Text book without ISBN
  2. Introduction to Education (Bodoland University)
  3. Educational Measurement and Evaluation (Bodoland University)


  • Study material for HS, Degree, Master Degree under GU, KKHSOU, IDOL
  1. Guide book for degree course under NEHU
  2. Guide book and Model for CBCS system and conventional
  3. Study material for TET, APSC, Assam Year book

M.A. (Gauhati University)

Associate Professor


E-mail – [email protected]

Specialization –   Child Psychology and Psychology of   Adolescence, Laboratory Practical

Research interest –

Publication –